Nebula Libraries For N4.5

By purchasing the N4.5 product you will be entitled to the Cross-Platform Commercial Library. It is a 10 GB library with more than 450 different real hardware emulations sorted by category. Cross-Platform Commercial Library can be downloaded via Aquarius and include in detail:
72 pre-amps preset emulations, 78 equalizers preset emulations, 33 compressors preset emulations (24 YROY, 2 ROSE, 7 RELS), 20 tapes preset emulations, 30 filters preset emulations, 100 reverbs preset emulations, 90-time variant effect preset emulations like chorus, flangers, phasers. We are pleased to offer to all N4 customers new impressive commercial libraries, this pack includes our exclusive YROY (Yellow royale compressor library) (the best emulations by Acustica characterized by new gorgeous N4 skins). For further details consult the N4 product page.