NEBULA - NebulaMan2

What is NebulaMan? First, ask yourself a few questions...

Do you:

  • want to get a better overview of your Nebula repository?
  • want to compare different Nebula programs and program chains quickly, on the fly with a single keystroke or at a click of your mouse?
  • like to experiment with Nebula programs and search for unexpected and fresh sound results?
  • want to compare different Nebula programs and program chains quickly, on the fly with a single keystroke or with a click of your mouse?

If YES is the answer then NebulaMan is the right program for you.


Technically speaking, NebulaMan is a standalone program for real-time previewing and offline processing (rendering) audio material with the state of the art Acustica Audio Nebula processing software ( The second-generation NebulaMan adds VST2 support for an even more unique, powerful and "fun" tool for realtime plug-in & fx chain loading and endless previewing, experimenting, tweaking,  testing, etc.

NebulaMan runs on Windows (32 and 64 bit) and Mac OS X (64 bit) compatible computers.

If you want to use NebulaMan, you must first install and authorize Nebula software on your computer (the latest version of Nebula is recommended).


New in version 2.0

  • VST 2.x plug-in support (including Nebula 4)
  • Redesigned main window with waveform display including left and right locators
  • FX browser dock new rendering window and options
  • "Instant Preview" (integrated into the Project Pool)
  • Improved playback & rendering engine new skin
  • CPU meter updated Acustica ACQUA library and QT framework
  • New skin



Nebulaman2 is not available in Aquarius.

As always Nebulaman 2 license generating process is managed entirely by Zabukowski Software ( When payment is completed, please send an email to [email protected] (attach your order confirmation, full name, and email) to request your license. You will receive the license within 24 hours. NebulaMan2 without a license runs in trial mode.

Version 2 requires a new license file – old license files will work only with NebulaMan 1.x.
There is no upgrade path from 1.x to 2 version

 For more information please write to [email protected]


NEBULA - NebulaMan2

  • LIST PRICE: €30.50
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