Coral Bax-ter EQ

Smiley curves that make you smile. Get it free.

Coral2 is out and is better than ever. Featuring AI Deep Learning technology, it is fast and incredibly musical. 

This awesome freebie is brought to you as a taster of the potential of our new amazing plugin suite. But do not let the word FREE fool you. This equalizer - which is a simplified version of the Mid/Side version included in the Coral suite - is equally as powerful, and enables you to shape your tracks effortlessly.

The free Baxter, like the commercial version, features AI-based presets created by experienced engineers who have worked closely with us on this product. If you are curious to know more, give Coral2 user manual a shot.

Use Baxter it on drums, guitars and full mixes too to give your sound a gentle Hi-Fi shine but without making it too harsh or sterile.

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