SoundBytes Mag reviews El Rey

May 22, 2020

'El Rey is another confirmation of Acustica Audio’s incredible work and phenomenal contribution to the mixing world. These tools are making the boundary between in-the-box and outside-the-box mixing much more subtle, and this emulation, El Rey, is just another confirmation of that assertion.'

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Musicoff: 'with Pensado EQ, Acustica outclassed themselves'

November 30, 2019

The Italian magazine's staff have tested our Pensado EQ and they were deeply impressed. 'This EQ is simply extraordinary [...] Acustica have nailed it again.


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Sound Bytes Mag on Taupe: 'Highly recommended'

November 18, 2019

Vince Bellanova of Sound Bytes Mag has some nice words for our Taupe 

'Acustica has made a unique and powerful tool with Taupe, something that is worth the price because you can simply put it on anything, from drums to synths to strings, and put it on the master bus especially. This is probably why Taupe got nominated for plug-in of the year in the SOS awards.'

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What's on your mix bus?

September 3, 2019

This month, Nick Mitchell of KMR Pro Audio asked a group of producers, engineers, and mixers to reveal their current mix bus processing. Jack Ruston (Judas Priest, Walking On Card, Birdy) is all about Acustica Audio.

'My mix bus is predominantly Acustica Audio stuff...I generally view hardware and software as providing something distinct from one another, but with the Acustica software, I find I can achieve a sonic result that I would normally associate with hardware.'

Read more reviews Ultramarine4

August 9, 2019

Expert reviewer Kai Chonishvili at has some sweet words for our Ultramarine4 plugin suite.

'Ultramarine4 by Acustica Audio is an excellent plug-in bundle for mixing and even mastering that is second to none in terms of operation, sound and efficiency'

'The operation couldn't be easier and the result is a very musical way of working even with extreme settings. This allows you not only to gel individual instruments together in a group but also to create a rich low-end and a breathing groove'

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Raw Loops: analog sound ITB with Acustica

April 3, 2019

Modern digital tools are a god sent gift to the producer/engineer. You can edit, EQ, save and recall with ease and 100% precision but there is something about analog that we miss in the box [...] There are various offerings and ways to emulate hardware but to our ears the offerings from Acustica Audio and generally their approach and technology seem to come the closest possible.

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