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Ruby "Ruby" is a result of a collaboration between D.W Fearn & Acustica. It's a faithful software emulation of a celebrate VT-5 Eq.

Studio DMI

Diamond Color EQ "Diamond - Color Eq” is the first plug-in of a new series called Diamond, the result of a collaboration between Acustica and Studio DMI.

WSM Labs

White EQ "WSM PEQ-2.0" is a solid state "Pultec® style EQ", with dual-mono channel topology designed specifically for Mastering. Its solid state design gives it excellent transient response.


Cobalt "Cobalt" is an absolute novelty for Acustica, it’s totally different respect other Acqua-plugins suite in every way.. Through Stefano Dall'Ora (SoundDrops), who is an invaluable collaborator of Acusticaudio, and has been deeply involved in the production of this project, the Acustica team came in contact with Luca Martegani, also known as Xelius. Luca is the manufacturer of an amazing suite of hand-built audio hardware, characterized by great sound, quality, and value. The equalizer and compressor are the elements of this suite that impressed us the most, so we have decided to base our new product on both of them. We have called it Cobalt.
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