Coffee - Official Teaser

April 16, 2020

Watch the official video trailer of Coffee, arguably the most important tool in a studio!

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Jade - Watch it in action

February 24, 2020

Hear Jade in action on vocals, drums and more. Its unquestionable versatility makes it perfect for both mixing and mastering uses.

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Pensado EQ - Into the Lair

December 15, 2019

After the release of his highly anticipated new plugin, Dave breaks down some of the countless ways that he puts it to use in a mix.

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Taupe - Official Trailer

Watch the official video trailer of Taupe, the king of sample-based analog tape plugins.

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Diamond Lift - Overview

Diamond Lift - Watch Dance Guru Luca Pretolesi introduce Diamond Lift, born from the exclusive collaboration between Acustica Audio & Studio DMI

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Cobalt Tube EQ - Overview

Cobalt EQ (Overview) - Acustica & Xelius have teamed up to bring you the exact replica of one incredible tube EQ, for plenty of character and tridimensionality.

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