February 14, 2019

At the heart of analog.

We give you the DNA of the most iconic studio machines ever manufactured.

The Acustica Acqua Engine is a combination of multiple advanced technical processes that are unique to the Acustica team.

Thanks to our proprietary VVK Technology, we can faithfully sample studio hardware equipment and render it inside our plug-ins.

We source the rarest and most revered pieces of studio equipment, and we travel all around the world to visit studio facilities owning these treasures.

It may take days or weeks to complete the sampling of a single machine. The samples are then revised, sometimes de-noised, and packed into the final plug-in using our proprietary engine.

This approach takes into account both the phase relations across the frequency spectrum and the actual frequency response of each machine, at all input gain stages.

Now anyone can have access to the sought-after sound of units that are in use in top recording facilities and which are really expensive or hard to find. From filters to mastering equalizers, reverbs and compressors, our plugin suites are designed to give sound engineers and producers worldwide the tools they need to fulfill their artistic vision.

Combine this approach to the power of Deep Learning and you will have a match made in heaven.

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