Pioneers of audio research 

Since the birth of Nebula in the summer of 2005, a collaboration was born between forward-thinking developers, beta testers, audio engineers from around the world.

Our research and development stages have gone through many steps before innovative processes and technologies for sampling devices were developed. Our goal is to provide the most authentic reproduction of sampled vintage gear and other high-end hardware devices, using the revolutionary technology "V.V.K.T." (Vectorial Volterra Kernels Technology) without the negative artifacts associated with current convolution technology.

After years of continuous work, this creative and forward-thinking group has developed into a team of experts who aim at creating the best "of both worlds" (digital & analog).

Get in touch:

Press & Media Relations: [email protected](dot)net

General Inquiries: [email protected](dot)net

Product reviews: [email protected](dot)net

Educational Inquiries: [email protected](dot)net 

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