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HENRY-F INDUCTOR-BASED RESONANT FILTER is part of the brand new MetaWare series of Acqua/Nebula libraries for N4 by SoundDrops . It includes a High Pass and a Low Pass filter which are entirely based on real inductors. Essentially it is the filter section included in its bigger brother, HENRY-Q (which also includes 2 filters, 4 eq sections and a transformer-coupled germanium stereo pre-amp stage).

Both the High-Pass and Low-Pass filters in HENRY-F have a 12dB/oct. slope with a continuous frequency control; they also display a unique feature, rarely found in other devices: a continuous Resonance control that adjusts the amplitude of an additional peak located near corner frequency, from 0 to a maximum of +3dB. It's a very effective sound-shaping tool.

One of the advantages of Acustica’s technology is that it allows to design and build processors whose realization would be quite impractical in the analogue domain. HENRY-F is a case in point, in that it includes a couple of inductor-based filters which offer a continuous control both for frequency and resonance, with a constant and predictable action throughout the range.


MetaWare – Augmented Reality Acqua Libraries

MetaWare = “Beyond the Hard/Software”. A series of Acqua/Nebula libraries for N4 by SoundDrops based on an innovative concept. Proprietary hardware processors are specifically conceived, designed and built from the ground up with the creation of N4 libraries in mind.

Great care then is taken during the sampling and deconvolving process. Thanks to Acustica’s innovative technology, each aspect of the device’s behavior (frequency and phase response, harmonic and dynamic action and so on) can be separately sampled and then reassembled in an optimized form. The final outcome is a series of extremely clean and noiseless vectors, as it is easily apparent from the resulting response plots.

This procedure allows the creation of virtual machines that would be plainly impossible (or, at least, extremely unpractical) to build in the real world; a series of consistent and dependable digital processors that yet retain all the great sonic traits of real world analog hardware, down to the tiniest detail.

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Mandatory requirements

In order to use products from the official 3rd party developers:

- It is mandatory first to install either N4 Player or N4. Only after this it will be possible to proceed with the installation of 3rd party products.
- Please don't install both versions of N4 - use only one of them to guarantee a proper functioning of the products!
- Please make sure that you use an up-to-date version of N4 or N4 Player (at the point of this release N4 is version 1.1.011).
- N4 FREE and N4 Player cannot coexist.

Use our new application Aquarius - (see the User Guide in Aquarius page) to complete the procedure of installation and authorization;  3rd party developers products are only available on Aquarius.


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NEBULA - Henry-F Free

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