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Erin represents the state-of-the-art of the plugin suites dedicated to high-end audio mastering. It includes 3 different studio processors embodying the luxury mastering equipment as manufactured by one of the most prestigious designers in the world. 

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Pink 4

Pink is based on a collection of well-known late '60s American studio gear including 6 different EQ models, a super flexible dynamic section, and an iconic console with its 16 line channels and 9 extra custom preamps. What are you going to mix with it? 

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Manage your entire studio the easy way with Aquarius and Aquarius Web. No matter if you're on a laptop, or a mobile device. We have you covered.  

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Derived from the same hardware machines, our free plug-ins boast the same uncompromised sound as our commercial releases. Enter the Acusticaverse!

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