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Introducing Cola: our first AI Deep-Learning powered plugin

June 27, 2019

From sampling gear to sampling humans. With Cola, we have introduced a first-of-its-kind in AI-based approaches to mixing. Unlike other companies, who classify audio content (violins, drums, vocals, etc.) with the aim of implementing an auto-mix functionality of the software, we have chosen a completely different approach. We entered the realm of Deep Learning.

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Know your worth, DEFEND IT. Interview with Mike Gonsolin

May 24, 2019

We're living in an era of so much free work and "pay you in exposure" business models [...] You can't pay your bills with exposure, but you can always expose yourself to new methods of actual income if that exposure is strategically utilized.

Mike Gonsolin is CEO and head producer at Trend Def Studios, and has worked with Snoop Dogg, French Montana, The Migos, Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, and Joey Bada$$, and many more.

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Chat time with multi-talented producer Alawn

April 16, 2019

'As I travel so much, I mix everything ITB. That way I can work on the go and recall any session and make tweaks from anywhere. The Acustica plugins allow me to get that “analog sound”, depth and clarity in my mixes, all in the box.

Originally from Lyon, France -  Alawn has produced and mixed records for a range of upcoming and established artist and producers, including Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, Jacob Latimore, Carl Thomas, Gucci Mane, and Paul Wall, Tyron Hapi and Liam Ferrari to name a few.  Producing for others, the talented rising star has been commissioned on projects with Universal Music, Hollywood Records, MTV, Dreamworks, Warner Chappell, and Sony ATV, alongside co-writing and producing records with Grammy Winners, The Jackie Boyz and social media stars across the world.


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Simon L'Esperance (Karcius): from Prog-Rock and film scoring to surround mixing with AA

February 28, 2019

'It is hard to come back to other stuff when you are addicted to the warm sound and sonic magic of AA.'

Creative musician, composer, and producer, Simon’s work is touching rock, jazz, pop, world music and film scoring.

Recording and mixing engineer since 2006 he participated in numerous albums, recording sessions and scores mixes with a lot of local and international artists.

Simon teaches music technology and film music composition at University du Quebec and the University of Sherbrooke. Simon has been working with many artists as well as a composer for video games, films, and TV. He is also a founding member of KARCIUS and main producer/mixer for all 5 albums.

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'Less is more!' - Studio talk with Producer/Engineer Marc Daniel Nelson (Fleetwood Mac, Jason Mraz)

February 25, 2019

'Acustica makes so many amazing plugins. I use Ruby and I love, love, LOVE the Gold Pre channels and the Titanium multiband compressor. That thing is silly good'

Marc is a Latin Grammy-nominated music producer, mixing engineer. He has been producing, mixing and managing creatives for over 18 years. His music credits include Fleetwood Mac, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Eric Burdon, Robert Duvall, Reik and more.


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Mixes that rock. Producer, engineer Aaron Harris (ISIS, Deftones) shares his knowledge

February 7, 2019

'Acustica plugins sound amazing, they're highly tweakable and they look really great, which to me is important because mixing nowadays is so visual. The fact that they're so powerful means I can use them in a lot of different things. They're inspiring to use, which improves everything'

Aaron Harris is an award-winning musician and composer. His critically-acclaimed releases have topped the Billboard Charts and appeared in television series, film trailers, documentaries, video games and more.

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