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Sales policy.

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Acustica Audio's web-shop is a Business to Client (B2C) online shop. European Union customers will receive an automatic receipt after payment with local VAT applied and following EU Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) rules. Customers from countries (list) will receive also an invoice 48 hours after payment. Outside European Union customers will receive an automatic receipt after payment without VAT.

For Business to Business (B2B) intra-community purchases, before making the purchase contact our sales department via a support ticket, including your UE valid VAT exemption number and complete company information. Sales department will answer you with additional instructions and automatic receipt received after the B2B purchase can be discarded due within 48 hours after payment you will receive a B2B invoice.

Any request for invoice shall be expressly made no later than the time of the order (or before).
Our marketplace is a Business to Consumer (B2C) shop, prices of our products can be different for Business to Business (B2B) customers.
Customers who are going to make a B2B trasaction please open a ticket to our support before purchasing any products.

Fake customer information or anonymous purchases are not supported! Please check your Acustica Audio account personal information before making a purchase.

Invoices must have a correlation between invoice number and issue date. If you need an invoice, we strongly recommend you to request it from our sales department via help-desk ticket immediately after making the payment.

If you pay in Acustica Audio's web-shop with a PayPal account or e-mail address different from the one registered in your Acustica Audio account, the product will not be supplied automatically to you. It therefore must be supplied manually to your account by the sales department upon your request.

To contact Acustica Audio support go to the ‘Support and Help-desk Section’ in your Acustica Audio account. We do not provide support via social networks, public forums, Acustica Audio forums, or email accounts.

Refund Policy ("Refund")

1.1 General.
After you order an Application and pay any corresponding price, you may download and access a copy of the Application, as applicable, for your personal use. You are responsible for ensuring before purchase that your device meets any minimum system requirements, including any requirement that we make available on the Application product detail pages.

1.2 Trial Access.
We may offer free trial and other limited versions of Applications so you can preview Applications prior to purchase. These versions may have limited features, may restrict permitted time of use, and may contain other limitations.

1.3 Refund Policy.
Due to the nature of Acusticaudio srl products (non-tangible digital goods), it is not possible to “return” the product therefore we DO NOT offer refund or exchange after purchase is made. If you are having any issue with the file, trouble setup, or have any questions, please submit a support ticket, we will do our best to resolve the problem. We always reccomand to try the trial versions before buy.
Note (only for product without a trial version): we can evaluate a refund during the first 14 days.

Acusticaudio S.r.l. may modify or supplement these policy at any time subject to an appropriate term of notification.

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