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What the Pros say

Luca Pretolesi

Head mixing & mastering engineer of Studio DMI

"I tried some plugins of Acustica Audio and immediately I felt something unique in the way they capture the sound of gear and are able to retain a certain vibe in tone absolutely superior to other plugins".

Greg Wells

Multiple GRAMMY® nominated musician, songwriter and record producer

About Cream: "Cream is an intuitively smart tone machine that sounds as great as it looks. I enjoy using all the options found in the plugin, and I swear things sound better simply running through Cream in factory default setting.”

About Diamond Color EQ: “I purchased The Diamond EQ plugin after watching Dave Pensado use it on his mix buss. It’s magical sounding and easy to use, which is my favorite combination. Put it in pre-amp mode. A little does quite a lot and I can’t live without it.”

Greg Wurth

GRAMMY® Nominated, Gold & Platinum award winning producer

"I used the Scarlett on the mastering of many records that I also mixed. The EQ is very nice".

Jack Ruston

2017 Music Producers Guild, Breakthrough Engineer Of The Year nominee.

About Ebony: "When you first listen to it on its own, you think 'It sounds like a plate. It doesn't sound like other plug in plates'. And then you bring it up in the track and the source just MELTS. The reverb and the source together become one sound, one silky, floating sound".

Maarten Vorwerk


About Diamond Color EQ: "I have tested the Diamond EQ as a mastering EQ today and put it on several of my own and other mixes. But Damn this thing is something else. When you think your mix can not sound any better, I was wrong. It somehow feels like a curtain is lifted of your track and it let's the most important things of your mix pop out even more. The LF band really let's you turn up the low end without it affecting the rest of your mix...".

Kim Rosen

GRAMMY® nominated mastering engineer

About Ruby: "I'm having a lot of fun with the plug in…. sounding great".

Camo & Krooked

Electronic music producer/artist duo

About SAND: "This thing is a beast! Love the routing options. The C comp sounds great, very punchy and gluey".

Leandro Lehart

Sound engineer, singer, songwriter and arranger

"I really love the job Acustica do in creating plug-ins with huge and great sound quality".

Steve Belgrave

Award winning sound-designer and Creative audio director

About Lime: "Sonically, this plugin sounds awesome! So easy to dial in the sound you're after. It can be extremely subtle or you can dial in masses of character. I used it on a promo for the voice of God, 'Morgan Freeman' as well as for the music and sound FX. No trouble in saying, it's a keeper!".

About Nebula: "I've been using Nebula since its early days. Things have advanced over time, but one thing has never changed, and that's the ability this tool has to capture breath taking sonic signatures of our favorite gear. The range of libraries available for Nebula, mean you're ridiculously spoilt for choice. Its EQ emu's are all over the music and sound design I mixed for a DreamWorks 'Kung Fu Panda' promo for Huawei, as well as mix projects for The Rolling Stones and many others. You're left wanting nothing. Except of course, more".

Paul Godfrey

Creator and ex-Member of Morcheeba, Producer/Songwriter, DJ and Drummer

About Ultramarine3: "I have the POM hardware version and this is the best software version available without a doubt".

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