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DJ Booth on Pink2: 'The most impressive EQ I've ever found in a plugin.'

May 16, 2018

by Dave Edwards

"I've tried every API emulation out there, and PINK2 sets the bar substantially higher than anything else on the market "

Dave Edwards has given our Pink 2 a spin and he was utterly impressed with the results.

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SOS on Sand: 'Superb Sound'

February 2017

By Sam Inglis

"If you’re an aficionado of SSL-style compression, I suspect you’ll like Sand’s take on it a lot"

Most software emulations of analog devices are created using so-called ‘modelling’ techniques, which attempt to simulate the behavior of individual components or circuit blocks. However, Acustica Audio has long championed an alternative approach called dynamic convolution.

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SOS on White2: 'Your ears will love it!'

July 2016

By Sam Inglis

'Acustica Audio’s White has that elusive quality of making everything sound better, at a wide range of settings.'

'Very occasionally, when you try out a piece of equipment, your instant reaction is ‘Wow, that just sounds like a record!’ It happened to me the first time I used a Neumann U87 — and it happened to me with Acustica’s White.'

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SOS: 'Diamond Color-EQ can sound great'

July 2017

By Sam Inglis

The first plug-in from Acustica’s new Diamond range recreates the master bus EQ of a master!

'Well, I’m slightly reluctant to believe in the idea of an equalizer that’s tailored for specific musical genres, but if there is such a thing, then Color EQ might well be it'

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Musicradar on White: 'A fabulous sounding Pultec-style EQ plugin'

May 04, 2016

by Musicradar

'Fantastic sound quality and lifelike graphics'

'What we unreservedly love about White EQ, though, is the sound. This truly is as lush and realistic as Pultec emulation gets, and as a mastering EQ it's awesome.'

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Musicradar: 'Amazing Neve-style EQ and Compression'

May 05, 2017

by Musicradar

'Lime sounds so good you’ll have trouble believing it’s not a physical channel strip'

'The EQs and compressors are absolutely beautiful, the routing options give plenty of flexibility, and having access to the individual modules as separate plugins is great.'

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