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Additive Audio

Dealer for Nordic region (contact person: Arén Boie)

Brian Elgin

Dealer for Taiwan

Digital Audio S.r.l.

Dealer for Romania (contact person: Alexandru Toma)

Federal Audio

Dealer for Australia, New Zealand (contact person: Cris Stevens)

Marcelo Depetro

Dealer for Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia

Mark Dressler

Dealer for U.K. , Ireland

Mark Galup

Dealer for USA (Nashville)

Matias Carvajal

Dealer for Colombia

Moilim Yacoub

Dealer for Canada

Nils Thomas

Dealer for France and Belgium

Oleg Yershov

Dealer for Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Baltic States

Pakotec Ltd.

Dealer for Middle East Distribution (contact person: Roman Weinstein)

Rodolfo Cardoso

Dealer for Portugal

Thomas Dippel

Dealer for The Netherlands

Jose Luis Chicote

Dealer for Spain

Darasina Studio (contact person: Steve Errickson)

Dealer for United States ( Pennsylvania)

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