Nebula Setups

Nebula Setups

Nebula Setups

By Acustica Audio in collaboration with ( Zabukowski Software )

- Full compatibility with Nebula3.
- N4 (Nebula4) not supported yet.

Nebula Setups is a standalone program, which allows you to create custom copies/versions of the original Nebula plugin. Each copy of the plugin (so called setup) can have its own program list. This means that you can have, for example, one separate Nebula instance for equalizers, another for compressors, third for tapes etc. Another popular approach is to make a separate setup for each Nebula library.


Product Details

Main setup features:
  • can have its own skin
  • can automatically load a program at initialization
  • contain changed/tweaked Nebula parameters.
  • Setups based work-flow can extremely enhance your experience with Nebula plugins in your DAW program, especially when a number of installed libraries/presets gets larger. Greatly sped up loading time and better overview and organization of your Nebula repository are some of the most important advantages over standard Nebula 'one-for-all' plugin approach.

    2.5 New Features

    AU Support
    Mac OS X: full support for 64 bit AU (Audio Units) based setups: Mac OSX Nebula users can now enjoy “setups based approach” inside AU host programs like Logic X etc. Feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing workflow.
    ACQUA plugins manager: A common procedure for ACQUA plugins users is updating universal plugin engine with the latest / updated version. Nebula Setups is now able to update installed ACQUA plugins engine in a simple way, instead of endless copying and renaming files by hand.
    Acqua Plugins Manager
    Skin Selector
    Skin selector images (thumbnails): Find an ideal skin for each setup using visual representation of installed skins (more than 100 images of the most popular skins is provided with the program).
    Mac OSX new installation package: Mac OS X users will welcome more user friendly installation of the program.


    Setups Manager
    Setups Manager: one of the major advantages of the Setups 2 program is a setup tracking. The program remembers (keeps track), which setups were created with it. Because of this, (re)creating complete setups or updating setup's plugins with the new Nebula version for example, is now very simple task using Setups Manager.
    Tweaks: tweaking/tuning Nebula parameters for a specific functionality (compression or example) or performance / sound quality improvement is a known practice and necessity for many advanced Nebula users. Usually, parameters can be changed within Nebula plugin (settings) or by directly editing Nebula XML configuration files with text editor. Nebula Setups allows you to tweak and store desired Nebula parameters as a part of the setup. You can do this using Tweaks list (Nebula parameter tweaks), located at the lower right side of the main window.
    Save Dialog
    Save Dialog: with every save operation, specified program list, tweaks, skin etc., are transformed into an actual VST plugin(s), ready for use in DAW programs. Most of the setup's components can be saved separately – for example, only plugin binaries can be updated, without affecting plugin's configuration files(s) etc.
    Preferences: manage program settings and global setups creation parameters (XML configuration files and plugin binaries).






    System Requirements

    Operating System Operating System
    OSX2.png Windows1.pngWindows1x64.png
    64-bit 32-bit, 64-bit
    Ram Ram
    4 GB 4 GB
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2,5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2,5 GHz
    Screen Resolution Screen Resolution
    1024x768 1024x768
    Nebula version Nebula version
    1.3.6xx or greater 1.3.6xx or greater


    In Depth

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