By Acustica Audio in collaboration with ( Zabukowski Software )
- Full compatibility with Nebula3.
- N4 (Nebula4) not supported yet.

NebulaMan is a standalone application for processing (previewing/rendering) audio material with the excellent Acustica Audio Nebula processor. It runs on Windows and Mac OSX compatible computers. NebulaMan introduces many new advanced features for Nebula users – Project pool, direct access to the Nebula parameters, background rendering, crossplatform compatibility and many more.


Product Details

NebulaMan allows you to process/render your audio tracks with Nebula outside your DAW. FX chain is a chain of mutiple Nebulas (for example: Tape, Preamp, Console input, Compressor, Console Group, Console Master etc.). Each audio files will be processed with a whole chain. NebulaMan will allow you to make pretty complex rendering setups. If you do this, you will need less Nebula plugins when mixing in your DAW - so less resources (CPU, memory) will be used.
Main NebulaMan's strengths:
  • Very powerful when looking/searching for the right Nebula programs;
  • Fast preview, searching, loading, replacing, A/B comparisions etc;
  • Task much more easy and fun;
  • Same workflow as in the real analog studio;
  • Proper gain staging - NebulaMan makes it simple by using input gain normalizing (peak RMS or True peak);
  • Best sound out of the Nebula programs;
  • Saving resources (CPU, memory);
  • Copy/paste support for the loaded Nebula FX (programs);
  • Faster rendering initialization with less resources used;
  • Metering with peak value information.


Nebula category tree
Nebula category tree: category view (with searching capabilities) improves the overview of the installed Nebula programs (repository) and makes searching even more efficient.
Preview sources: Load multiple FX chains of Nebula programs at the same time. Switch between them while previewing an audio file. A/B comparisions has never been easier. Preview sources
True Peak normalizing “True Peak” input normalizing: New input normalizing mode, best suited for audio material with high transients and low RMS levels. Can be used both for preview and rendering tasks.
“Project Pool Template” files: Save your favorite rendering setups (including items with their properties and FX chains) as Project pool templates and use them anytime later in any project. Project Pool Template files
FX Chain files “FX Chain” files: Save your favorite Nebula program combinations (including their parameters) as FX chain files and use them anytime later in any project.
Advanced Nebula program parameter/slider editing: Fine tune Nebula program parameters using keyboard shortcuts and a brand new dialog window for a precise value entering. Advanced slider parameterediting
Rendering items with custom FX chains
Rendering items with custom FX chains: Assign a custom chain of Nebula programs to each rendering item (file, directory, group) to create powerful rendering setups. Handle even the most complex rendering scenarios without hassle.
Multi-config mode: Define different Nebula configurations for each loaded Nebula program (typical usage with compression programs).
Multi-config mode



The two examples of a Project Pool template with multiple FX chains (AlexB MBC and CLC libraries are used). Save templates into NebulaMan’s Project Pool templates directory, run NebulaMan and load the saved template into Project Pool dock. Add files to groups and render.
  • AlexB Modern Black Console MBC (API 1608) Rendering Template
  • AlexB Clasic Logic Console CLC (SSL 4000+) Rendering Template
(See Downloads-Changelog Section)




System Requirements

Operating System Operating System
OSX2.png Windows1.pngWindows1x64.png
32 bit 32 bit, 64 bit
Ram Ram
4 GB 4 GB
Intel Core 2 Duo 2,5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2,5 GHz
Screen Resolution Screen Resolution
1024x768 1024x768


In Depth

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