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NAVY front panel

Navy is the first plug-in exploiting natively the new Core7 (zero latency)

It’s a Classic channel-strip (based on a legendary class-A preamp)  with 4-band Equalizer, 2 filter section  and  it’s equipped with as many as 6 preamps  switchable (IN – OUT).
Navy's preamps are based on a collection of various hardware units and emulate the time and harmonic distortions of their corresponding circuits. Armed with the newest Core7 engine, Navy is capable of executing any combination of these preamps in the form of a single impulse response program, which helps to dramatically reduce the CPU consumption of the plug-in.

This carefully chosen combination of preamps is intended to provide the user with a virtual console emulation with flexible and colourful options. The description provided below should only be taken as a guide, not as restriction. The best use of these colours can only be decided by the user on a case per case basis and the engineer's final judgement should always depend on their own ears and imagination.

To offer the best quality we have taken a long time to design this plug-in and we are very proud  to present it to everyone!


Navy is the first plug-in exploiting natively the new Core7 engine, the revolutionary multithreding technology by Acustica. It is based on fractal approach to partitioned convolution, allows to optimize performance of  Aqua plug-ins  to make maximum use of your system resources…to exploit zero latency.

NAVY mix views




Navy is the ultimate mixing weapon



Key Features


NAVY - Preview   3D

Navy is the first plug-in to exploit the new native Core7 engine.

The  EQ series is made up of 2 separate Acqua plug-ins with gorgeous graphical user interfaces.
This bundle contains: Navy standard  version and NAVY  ZL version (zero latency)

Acustica team have labored for an unusually long time to design and develop  this powerful channel-strip. We are very proud  to present this mixing-weapon to everyone!




BY-IN button
sets to bypass the plug-in or not-bypasses

OVER led
this led shows the peak clipping

PREAMP sections (*)
This plug-in allows to combine 6 different preamps (IN-OUT) to provide different choice.
These sections contribute an essential way to the "warmth" of the sound and the combinations

- P73 button actives the P73 preamp
- P81 button actives the P81 preamp
- PLUS-PRE button enables the combination of P73 preamp and P81 preamp
- OFF-PRE button sets to bypass the PREMP or not-bypasses

-MIX button actives the MIX preamp
-GRP button actives the GRP preamp
-DIR button actives DIR
-OFF-PRE button sets to bypass the PREMP or not-bypasses

Input control
This knob controls the input level of the plug-in ( from -192 dB  to +6 dB)

Outup control
This knob controls the output level of the plug-in ( from -192 dB  to +6 dB)

Input trim
This knob sets the input level from -24dB to +24dB, and is used to control the signal level inside the plug-in.

Input / output meter
measure the input/output levels of the plug-in

these control determine the cut-off  frequency for the LOW-HIGH pass filter

-HP filter: the range is 27 Hz to 2.7 kHz

-LP filter: the range is 3.9 kHz to 18 kHz


Each band is controlled independently by an identical set of controls.

Gain control
Gain control provides boost and/or cut amount depending on which band you are applying it. You have a -24dB/+24dB cut/boost  for each band.

Frequency control
Frequency ranges differ for the bands to accommodate maximum flexibility.
Available values are:

Low Band: 33Hz, 56Hz, 100Hz, 180Hz, 330Hz.

Low-Mid Band: 220 Hz, 270Hz, 330 Hz, 390 Hz, 470 Hz, 560 Hz, 680 Hz  820 Hz, 1 kHz, 1.2 kHz..

Low-High Band : 1.5 kHz, 1.8 kHz, 2.2 kHZ, 2.7 kHz, 3.3 kHz, 3.9 kHz, 4.7 kHz, 5.6 kHz, 6.8 kHz, 8.2 kHz.

High Band: 3.3 kHz, 4.7 kHz, 280 Hz, 6.8 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz.

Q/PK button
The PK/Q buttons control the sharpness of the peak or dip for each band.
There is two Q values:  High Q (peak with narrowQ) or Low Q (peak with largeQ) selection

IN button
enables or bypasses each section


(*) for more informations about PREAMPs sections consult the "Navy user's manual"

Sampling rate

  • 44,1 kHz
  • 48 kHz
  • 88,2 kHz
  • 96 kHz



Reviewer: Oleg Yershov

Translator: Eugene Zhulikov

Narator: Alexander Beloborodov

Music: Kasstedy - Let me be



Sys Requirements

Sys Requirements

OSX 32 Bit OSX 64 Bit

Operating System Xp Sp2 Latest 64 bits version
OS X 10.6 (32 bits) (1) OS X 10.10 (64 bits)
CPU Dual Core Latest multicore CPU (2) Dual Core

Latest multicore CPU (2)

RAM 2 Gb 16 GB to 128 GB 2 GB 16 GB to 128 GB
HDD/SDD 700 Mb 700 Mb 700 Mb 700 Mb
Screen Resolution 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (3) 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (3)
Audio Host VST2/AAX 32 bits VST2/AAX 64 bits VST/AU/AAX 32 bits
VST/AU/AAX 64 bits

(1) Use legacy UI framework.

(2) Intel Xeon v3 or Intel i7 generation 4 or 5 or newer is recommended.

(3) 3840x2160 UHDTV is also supported.



In Depth


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