Ultramarine3 (Trial)

Ultramarine3 (Trial)

Ultramarine3 (Trial)

By Acustica Audio in collaboration with ( Acustica Audio )
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Acustica is delighted to present the new ULTRAMARINE3!

The first mid-side stereo compressor based on CORE9. It's a faithful emulation of an original vintage hardware designed in early 1950s and considered the most coveted of all compressors.
The purpose behind the creation of ULTRAMARINE3 was to "bridle" the sound of a rare machine, push far beyond the technological boundaries of the time and redesign it graphically making it more easy-to-use (hopefully!) in respect of old traditions.

This was quite a tough mission, but we are proud of the outcome! Now we offer this great piece of gear to include in your pro-audio equipment...
This plug-in is equipped with new important features (ShMode, Sc Filter, Dry/Wet) to increase the versatility of this compressor.

(For more details read our user's manual to discover the amazing features of our ULTRAMARINE3).


Features actually supported in Core9:

  • Variable speeds on vector nodes improving the sound quality of the compressors and allowing to reach very fast speeds and precision.
  • Envelope followers based on control sources.
  • Queue messages used for several widgets like knobs improving the behaviour, control, and stability of plug-ins.
  • Hiddend components fault-tolerant inside nebula/acqua engine to minimized crash/bugs.
  • New wrapper to get better balanced AAX format.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements (about trimming, sample rate conversion, distribution of sample rate packs, fixes on loaded program rate).
  • This engine is linked to Nat4 to allows the full automatic compressor sampling.
  • Switchmode optimization reducing CPU loading.
  • Lazy loading pattern introduced to improve the loading of the objects.

This bundle contains: Ultramarine3 version and ZL version (zero latency).

Ultramarine3 (Trial) is a fully-functional trial version of Ultramarine. The trial period lasts 10 days after the activation of the product.
To have Ultramarine3 (Trial), you need to:
- register an account (if you haven't one);
- simulate a purchase (for free) of the product (add to cart and checkout);
- download the product using your dashboard;
- authorize it (see the user guide).
You can find all detailed and technical informations in the related product page.

Ultramarine3 (Trial) is not compatible with standard version!


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