Titanium2 (Trial)

Titanium2 (Trial)

Titanium2 (Trial)

By Acustica Audio in collaboration with ( Acustica Audio )
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Acustica is delighted to present the new TITANIUM2!
It's a CORE9 upgrade of TITANIUM the very first multiband compressor of it's kind in the sampled plugin audio market, improved with new important features!In order to meet its customers’ growing demands, Acustica has planned to release a new version of TITANIUM.
Besides CORE9, TITANIUM2 is further enhanced with many more innovative features, including Ultramatch*, a new CORE9 technique for minimizing the errors of the compressors, the “ShMod”( a shape control for the attack behavior of the compressor) and the "Input Trim" to control the INPUT/OUTPUT compensation of the signal.
What makes this plugin even more performing is a switch allowing customers to choose which compressor to use. The default compressor is the latest version, but if you prefer the “old” sound you can select the previous detector by pressing the button labelled "Tit1".
The "Mute" button allows you to mute the whole signal chain of the plugin.
We strongly believe this upgrade will enhance the potential of this high-performing Stereo Multiband Compressor.

The Titanium2 suite is made up of 2 separate Acqua plugins that have gorgeous graphical user interfaces that enable easy and quick parameter changes (and are fun to look at!).

(For more details read our user's manual to discover the amazing features of our TITANIUM2)


Features actually supported in Core9:

  • Variable speeds on vector nodes improving the sound quality of the compressors and allowing to reach very fast speeds and precision.
  • Envelope followers based on control sources.
  • Queue messages used for several widgets like knobs improving the behaviour, control, and stability of plug-ins.
  • Hiddend components fault-tolerant inside nebula/acqua engine to minimized crash/bugs.
  • New wrapper to get better balanced AAX format
  • Several minor fixes and improvements (about trimming, sample rate conversion, distribution of sample rate packs, fixes on loaded program rate).
  • This engine is linked to Nat4 to allows the full automatic compressor sampling.
  • Switchmode optimization reducing CPU loading
  • Lazy loading pattern introduced to improve the loading of the objects
  • *Ultramatch is a new technique for minimizing the errors. By using a dedicated Nebula instance, it enables to find and simulate the time variables of the original curve ensuring a high precision level.The previous technique just used to decompress the signal calculating the envelope followers of the attack and release shapes.

This bundle contains: Titanium2 version and ZL version (zero latency).

Titanium2 (Trial) is a fully-functional trial version of Titanium. The trial period lasts 30 days after the activation of the product.
To have Titanium2 (Trial), you need to:
- register an account (if you haven't one);
- simulate a purchase (for free) of the product (add to cart and checkout);
- download the product using your dashboard;
- authorize it (see the user guide).
You can find all detailed and technical informations in the related product page.

Titanium2 (Trial) is not compatible with standard version!


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