Acqua Plugins Commercial Series

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Orange The Orange EQ is a single-channel four-band quasi-parametric equalizer with the convenience of graphic-type EQ controls. This powerful tool is designed to provide the quality and performance required by professionals. Product Details
Blue Eq Blue Eq is a detailed emulation of vintage-revisited semiconductor equalizer, inspired by legendary British devices. We call it “The Rock'n'Roll Box” because it is so full of character and creative sound shaping possibilities. Product Details
Purple M-5 Purple M-5 is a detailed emulation with 3- band mono Mid Range equalizer characterized by two boost bands and one dip band in the midrange region. Product Details
Amber Amber2 is the perfect compliment to Magenta, just as in the world of hardware. First there was a great equalizer, and fueled from that an amazingly inspired piece of gear to compliment it. Product Details
Amethyst3 Amethyst3 - new upgraded high performance channel-strip based on CORE10. We offer a plugin of the highest quality and excellence with a very affordable price! Product Details
Pink2412 Pink 2412 compressor is derived directly from the compressor inside the Pink channel-strip plug-in, but it has been redesigned and upgraded by introducing new important features that you rarely find in other products. Product Details
Lemon (Pre-Order) Acustica is pleased to release LEMON, a Dreamware Multi Tap Delay. LEMON is the first Acqua Plugin based on our brand new Core11 technology. It includes 40 different delay and/or tape emulations, each one with a great sonic character and excellent perform Product Details
Scarlet3 MHE-400 Scarlet3 MHE-400 is the second of the Acustica “Homebrew” series: a line of plug-in sampled from hardware directly build by Acustica and based on the circuit diagrams of legendary vintage devices. Product Details
Navy Navy is the Classic channel-strip with exceptional sound quality... Product Details
Green The Green Equalizer is characterized by astonishing precision and sonic accuracy when sculpting the response of any source. Product Details
Purple P-1 This plug-in emulation gives you a legendary tube EQ, It can give your tracks the massive bass, silky air, and addictive warmth that made the original a studio standard. Product Details
Honey2 Add some sweet to your mix with Honey2 channel strip! with four parametric peaking bands, high and low cut filters, two colorful switchable preamps and the power of Core7. Product Details
Titanium2 Acustica is delighted to present the new TITANIUM2! It's a CORE9 upgrade of TITANIUM the very first multiband compressor of it's kind in the sampled plugin audio market, improved with new important features! Product Details
Diamond - Lift (Pre-Order) Diamond Lift captures the true essence of the Studio DMI workflow and signature sound that has been used for several years by Luca Pretolesi and Scott Banks, on numerous chart-topping records. Product Details
Pink Compressors Bundle Pink Compressors Bundle contains two unique Compressors-Plugins: Pink 7236, the first multiband compressor based on CORE8 and Pink 2412 to give all customers a complete, powerful and unique compressors collection. Product Details
Sand FAB4 To help unleash the incredible potential of our SAND’s modules, we have created a BUNDLE including SAND channel strip and each individual module, enabling sound engineers to use each component separately, with a significant saving in terms of CPU. Product Details
Diamond - Color Eq “Diamond - Color Eq” is the first plug-in of a new series called Diamond, result of a collaboration between Acustica and Studio DMI. Product Details
Pink Pink is Acustica Audio’s newest Acqua plugin. It is a modern channel-strip equipped with 3 preamps switchable, 2 EQs sections and 1 smooth and flexible compressor. Product Details
Magenta Magenta is the best equalizer that Acustica has ever designed... Product Details
White2 Acustica is proud to present its first Endorsed Mastering EQ! With our unique and powerful technology we decided to recreate the wonderful sound of WHITE2 (WSM PEQ-2.0). Product Details
Cobalt Cobalt is an absolute novelty for Acustica, it’s totally different respect other Acqua-plugins suite in every way.. Product Details
Purple Bundle All family of Purple EQs is designed to bring back the life and musicality lost in a recording. Purple Bundle contains two unique EQ-Plugins to give you an incredible colours in your studio, mostly for mixing! Product Details
Ebony Ebony is a State-of-the-art modeling of legendary vintage units completely different than previous Acqua Effect plug-ins products. It includes the first Acqua-plugin reverb! Product Details
Lime Lime aims to provide our customers with different devices emulated with Acustica’s technology in one plug-in. It offers the sound of a legendary inline mixing desk for those who want to have a faithful emulation. Product Details
Coral While designing Coral we have given special consideration to creating an innovative product that would be unique from other software products currently on the market: not only our hardware emulation techniques have evolved so much to make us particularly Product Details
Aquamarine3 Developed as a high end mastering unit, the original processor is in fact suitable for a number of mixing and mastering duties because of its character and versatility. Product Details
Ivory3 Acustica is pleased to present Ivory3. This third version is completely new, it's a bundle made up of 6 different plugins in CORE X. An absolutely unique and complete Analog Hardware Virtualization suite! Product Details
Gold This plug-in represents the most rare plug-in the audio market if you are looking for the sound of the legendary legendary British console. Product Details
Emerald Bundle The Emerald suite is made up of 2 separate Acqua plugins that have gorgeous graphical user interfaces. Emerald BUNDLE is based on new native Core7 engine. Product Details
Mixing Pack Mixing Pack is a collection of some of our best Plugins for mixing. We want to offer to our customers the quality in one plug-in with a very affordable price. Product Details
Mastering Eq Pack Mastering Eq Pack is a collection of some of our best EQ-Plugins designed to provide the highest possible quality, without compromise. Product Details
Ultramarine3 ACUSTICA is delighted to present ULTRAMARINE3! The first mid-side stereo compressor based on CORE9! It's a faithful emulation of the original vintage hardware designed in the early 1950s, and considered the most coveted of all compressors Product Details
Mastering Comp Pack Mastering Comp Pack is a collection of some of our best COMP-Plugins. Mastering Comp Pack will unleash incredible colours in your studio. Product Details

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