CDS Is Classically Defined Sound. CDSoundMaster provides Program Libraries of the highest quality for the Nebula Commercial Plug-in. CDS Is Pleased to be an Official Third Party Developer of Program Libraries for Nebula Pro and Original stand Alone Plug-Ins using the 'Powered By Nebula' Acqua Technology, along with our own software design and VST-i Instruments.

Our Nebula Plug-in Libraries: (hyperlink to )
CDS is always creating new Official Commercial Program Libraries for Nebula Pro. We are honored to be the first to bring Commercial Program Libraries to the Nebula community. The following are just a few of our Libraries in our expanding line of the finest analog gear available, at a price that makes them affordable to anyone, at a quality that is unmatched by any other developer.

R2R - The Essential Analog Tape Collection
A Collection of 170 Programs for Nebula providing the most sought after analog reel to reel tape machines, including multiple operation speeds, gain settings, and tape brands.

Tape Booster +
Based upon a successful "Building Block" concept for providing tape harmonic distortion that increases volume without any negative effects on transients. Tape Booster + is created specifically to be placed after your choice of R2R machine to properly and realistically increase volume and harmonics precisely like tape does.

The Vintage Tube Collection
The "Vintage Tube Collection" features our original dual-valve hardware used to sample a collection of rare 12au7 tubes. This library is the ultimate answer to using the sound of the very best vacuum tubes within a software plug-in in your choice of DAW's in the box. No longer will you need to rely upon coded emulations or generalized abstractions of that elusive 'tube' sound. This collection allows you to choose exact settings of exact brands and designs. The "Vintage Tube Collection" contains over 70 Programs!

Tube Booster
Tube Booster increases the natural, perceived volume of your programs with the distinct sound of natural vacuum tube saturating harmonic distortion. Especially with the Vintage Tube Collection, Tube Booster is used to help boost your signal naturally inside the Nebula Pro environment.

THE Drum Compressor
This Groundbreaking Milestone is CDSoundMaster's answer to the need for real, analog hardware compression. "THE Drum Compressor For Nebula Pro" consists of a giant collection of over 800 programs: all sampled at 96kHz and tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula3 Pro. With "THE Drum Compressor", you get: True analog hardware Real VCA's Real Opto-Cell Tube Compression Real Opto-Cell Tube Limiting Real Tube Compressors in multiple modes and multiple sonic characteristics Real FET Compression The Sound of Op-Amps, Transformers, Tubes, VCA's, harmonic drive and spectral revoicing. Hundreds of meticulously edited programs created for ideal settings for Snare, Kick, Toms, Overheads, Cymbals, Rooms, and even the Drum Bus! 'New York Style' "PRL" Parallel compression Various Mix/Blend dry/wet "PRL" settings Side Chain filtering of high pass for different character, from big and responsive to loud and gripping. All of the sounds you want from a drum compressor, from fast, punchy console bus compression and classic vca's, to colored warm circuits and fuzzy drive. Drum programs that glue the bus together, 'smack', 'pump', 'breath', add 'punch', tighten and articulate, and bring focus to the drum bus. Harmonic Distortion, and clean 'favorite' programs. Wet/Dry "Mix" programs for incredible diversity and complex results. Low EQ Side Chain Filtering to reduce pumping and breathing on specialized programs. Program presets edited from the input, output, drive, threshold, ratio, release, attack, program rate response, look-ahead, and more! Program parameters are adjustable for maximum flexibility, ease-of-use, and fine-tune control.

Tube Trek PE1C
Tubes: The Finest Frontier. This is the voyage of the CDS Enterprise. Its three-month mission: To develop great new programs To seek out new filters and new equalization To boldly go where no Nebula Library has gone before. The "Tube Trek PE1C For Nebula Pro" faithfully reproduces all aspects of the hardware eq's character, with its passive filter section to its dual valve push-pull amplifier. Every detail has been captured for repeatable digital use inside your favorite DAW.

N-TEN-AT4 EQ and Console Channel Strip
The "N-TEN-AT4 For Nebula" faithfully reproduces all aspects of the hardware eq's character, from clean to slightly driven amplification stages through the wonderful original Neve input and output transformers and Class A to A/B amplification, and inductor-based eq circuitry. Every detail has been captured for repeatable digital use inside your favorite DAW.

Cooltec EQP-1A3S
The "COOLTEC EQP-1A3S" for Nebula Pro faithfully reproduces all aspects of the hardware eq's character. This is one of the most sought after, rare, original Pultec EQ's, and we believe that you will find the sound lives up to its acclaim.

The Mastering Suite
The "Mastering Suite" library is a set of signature Michael Angel Mastering EQ Filters that are completely original eq, filter, and harmonically enhanced programs created specifically for his own Mastering use. These provide you with a superior collection of Mastering presets that excede the expectations of analog hardware eq's and surgical digital eq's alike.
To learn more about our growing collection of Premium Library Collections and Stand Alone Plug-Ins for Nebula, please visit:
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About CDSoundMaster Owner/Operator Michael Angel
Follower of Christ, Husband, Recording Composer, Mastering Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Visual Artist

Classical music training, including piano, percussion and drums, and voice.
Also plays guitar, other stringed instruments, and harmonica.
6 years of touring Europe and other Territories with The Atlanta Boy Choir and Men's Chorus, including a performance for President Reagan, for Congress at the Memorial for the Holocaust, performances for Governor Joe Frank Harris, Sophia Loren, and Mass at St. Peters Basilica for the Pope.
Mr. Angel currently performs with the Atlanta Boy Choir Men's Alumni Choir.
Michael sang and performed field drum on the Grammy Award winning Telarc recording of Britten's War Requiem with Robert Shaw and Maestro Fletcher Wolfe Conducting.
B.A. in English Literature with a Triple Minor in Art, Music, and Psychology from Kennesaw State University.
First Independent Recording Studio- 1993
President Deep Blue Records/Out Of Reach Music, BMI - 1994-2001.
Michael Angel has published over 500 original songs + recordings, and produced over 30 albums.
He has created original software programs for use in recording, tracking, mixing, and mastering.
Mr. Angel is also an accomplished Visual Artist, selling paintings all around the world since 2003. Literally thousands of his original works of art are displayed in homes, galleries, museums, and corporate locations all around the Globe. His most accomplished works are included in published literature and sold as prints internationally.

Detailed Personal Bio:
My name is Michael Angel. I am a follower of Christ. I am married to the most wonderful and most beautiful woman in the world; my wife Sharon.
I am a Mastering Engineer. My Studio is called Angel Lofte Studio. I am also a professional visual artist, music producer, and composer. I write original music in full album form, music for soundtracks, and I compose original Contemporary Christian and Worship and Praise music with my wife Sharon.
I have been involved in music my entire life. I have toured all over the United States, Europe, Yugoslavia, Mexico with the Atlanta Boy Choir and Men's Chorus, and with the Capitol City Opera Company. I have had the honor of singing and field drum credits with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, with Conductor Robert Shaw, under the Direction of Fletcher Wolfe. The recording of this performance of Brittens' War Requiem was released on the Telarc label, where we received a Grammy in 1989 for Best Choral Performance. I am a classically trained 2nd Bass Vocalist, Drummer, and have studied Piano, and also love playing the guitar.
I began professional music production and recording in the early '90s. I established my first Music Publishing Firm and Record Label in 1994 and have over 550 songs published with BMI, and have recorded and produced over 35 original albums. My songs have been on radio in the U.S. and in Canada, Europe, and other territories around the world. My song performance credits include NPR, PBS, UK PRS, U.S. Muzak, Fishin' With Orlando Wilson, U.S. Dish TV, Canada Television, Commercial Music Services, U.S. Music Choice, Switzerland- Various Audio/Visual, Germany- Various Radio, U.S. Digital Music Express, U.S. Digital Jukebox ECast + TouchTunes, Rhapsody Real Network + Rhapsody International, Taiwan Radio, U.S. PressPlay, Australia Radio, New Zealand Radio, U.S. Pandora, U.S. MusicNet, U.S. DMX. Some of my own works along with songs that I produced, recorded, and promoted for clients, have been in the Independent music Top40 radio charts and have been heard in Movie Theatres around the U.S. on MovieTunes.
From the period of 1993 to 1997 I developed a friendship with Barry Diament, who mastered our first band release in 1994. I learned a great deal about the process during this time. This friendship and mentoring process inspired me to learn everything that there was to know about mastering CD's. I officially began mastering projects professionally for others in 1997.
I have a passion for Mastering CD's for clients in a wide range of music genres, and have worked with classical live recordings, rock, solo instrument, hip hop, and just about everything in between. My mastering clients include Grammy Award Winning musicians, independent artists who have been heard world-wide, and local talent. Currently, I selectively record, mix, and master Contemporary Christian & Worship and Praise music, and a wide range of genres of music that emphasize giving the Glory to God.
I am always interested in discussing music, recording, and mixing, and invite your emails for anything that can help improve the final outcome of your recordings. My personal focus and devotion is to music of any genre that glorifies God. This is what inspires me to strive for the utmost in excellence in my craft above all else.

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