Lars Rüetschi



Lars Rüetschi AKA TheSessionGuitarist is a musician, producer, Studio and Live Session Guitarplayer for over 20 years. Lars wants to share his love and passion for music creating presets for Nebula which serve the daily needs in a professional production environment with the focus on quality instead of quantity: programs that bring you faster to the target.

Main releases include:

Warm Amp JC: emulation of a legendary Guitar Amp from the 80-ies known for its very clean tone played by guitar players like Lee Ritenour, John McLaughlin, Kirk Hammett, Neil Young and many more. With this program loaded in Nebula you get a full, clean and realistic guitar tone -  hardly to reach with normal guitar amp simulations.

PullCheck Bass: emulation of an analog US Equalizer from the 50-ies which became a legend in recording and mastering for its magical sound. One of the highlights of this EQ is the unique character you get by boosting and attenuating the low end in the same time. Even if this function was not previewed by the developers, it became one of the coolest functions of this gear! Hard time to mix Bass ? This EQ combined with the right Boost/Attenuate settings on your track can work wonders!

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