Gemini Audio


Gemini Audio is dedicated to creating Nebula Libraries for the "Big Sound" in the box. Gabriel Schwarz, the founder of Gemini Audio is an audio engineer, producer and songwriter. He was chasing for that big analog sound in the box for years and couldn't find a single plugin which could create the magic he was looking for until he found Nebula. His passion for Nebula grew more and more so he finally decided to create his own libraries, which can now be found at He uses only top notch mastering converters and high quality cables with carefully calibrated and matched levels to provide the highest quality.

One of Gemini Audio's latest releases is the "KultComp" which is based on a Modern German Tube Compressor which is loved by many for its versatility and outstanding audio quality with the musicality that this company's units stand for. It finds its application in Mastering, Mixing and Recording. Discrete, very high performance gain cells were developed for this compressor and are used instead of the usual VCAs. This compressor is the first product to use them. They ensure the highest level of musicality and clarity in signal processing and demonstrate significantly improved distortion values over VCAs. This library features Combo Programs (All ration within one program with interpolation), Soft Knee Compression, DeCompression, Extended Release Times, Nebula Compressor Versions and many more.

The "KultComp Tube" is the Tube Harmonics function from the same hardware, the "KultComp" library was sample from. This library features warm Tube Harmonics ranging from very subtle to more noticeable. It can be used to give single signals that special character or on the Stereo Bus to glue your mix together.  The LineAmp program represents the signal path of the sampled unit without any processing. You can use it like a preamp to change the color of a signal.

Also available is the "NVE PRE 73", based on the original, well known and very popular preamp, manufactured by a british company which has „A.M.S.“ in its name. This library features a rich, warm sound which has been heard on countless records. It is adding beautiful harmonics which all sorts of sources like vocals, strings, bass, drums, guitars, and classic instruments like flutes and harps will benefit from.


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