Henry Olonga


Henry comes from Zimbabwe where he grew up and ended up becoming a professional cricket player and receiving 80 international caps which included playing in two World Cups. On retiring Henry found refuge in the UK where he has been based for the last 9 years. On arriving in the UK he eventually moved to London to get involved in the music industry as a vocalist. He attracted the attention of Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Brothers with a light, lyrical tenor voice and performed at a few showcases for them.

Henry was close to signing but his management company who had just purchased the now defunct Whitfield studios from Sony went into administration and that was the end of that. He had managed to work with some big names in that time like Andy Wright and Robin Millar and their enthusiasm pushed him to consider a DIY approach. Henry decided to set up a small home studio with a vision to produce his own music combined with live performance and also exploiting the distribution avenues that the Internet has now delivered. 'I decided to step from behind the microphone and onto the mixing desk.'

Henry says,'My first piece of High end audio was a GML 2032 and once I realised how big the divide was between what I was doing with my high end pre/eq and what my simple sound card produced, I realised that there was a whole new world I was excluded from. And that world was very expensive. The gulf between the low end and high made me wonder if there was hope for the little guy'. So began the quest for better sounds and initially Henry invested a lot of time in creating presets for his own productions and then set up an online store to see if there were any others interested in mixing quickly with his tools. The result was a slow and steady increasing demand that led him to continue this work. It was really due to the shortcomings of Q-clone that Henry discovered Nebula and became a member of the 'old forum' and eventually a beta tester.

'I spent years training my ears to know what it was to appreciate a good sound.'

'When I loaded up my first nebula program I realised that something special was going on. There was no harshness and there was even distortion as well. No plugins had sounded this good and a little community had produced what no other big budget plugin company could emulate . But back then I had a flimsy computer that couldn't handle more than one instance. In time computers became much faster and I decided to build a workstation specifically for working with Nebula.' He then went on to purchase, 'just about every single product made for Nebula' and recently decided to dip his own toes into the world of third party development.
Part of Henry's work supports a charity called the Mumvuri project in his native Zimbabwe that he is a patron of. It is a shelter for orphaned children.
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'We stand on the shoulders of giants and all the initial producers have led the way but I wanted to push the boundaries a little more.' It was when Giancarlo gave us the high resolution upgrade that I decided it was time to start producing with maximum quality as my goal.' Armed with the Swiss army knife of pro audio, a Prismsound Orpheus, some wacky ideas and and a no holds barred approach, Henry hopes to bring some rare and exceptional pieces into the ever expanding world of Nebula.

His first professional album 'Aurelia' was produced by Robbie Bronnimann and Henry is currently working on his 2nd and 3rd albums and no doubt Nebula will be talking center stage


Website: www.nebulapresets.com

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