Cupwise Nebula programs are developed by Tim Wisecup. Tim is interested in pursuing unusual ideas with unique challenges, that result in sounds/effects not found elsewhere. For example, his tube radio programs rely heavily on using multiple passes through the radios, and averaging/mixing the many 'takes' down to one. This results in a cleaner, more accurate signal. His 'Tube FM 1' set was made with each sampled setup being recorded around 16 times. That's a little over 4 hours each, just for the recording. 'Tube FM 4' needed more accuracy because of its high distortion levels, and averaged around 14hrs of recording time, per effect.

In some cases he has used up to 100 passes, digging a useful effect from a setup that was much too noisy to use at all in a real world situation.This is just one example of the lengths Tim will go to for a sound.

His cassette tape effects are made using a very transparent restoration technique, that is necessary because of the nature of that format. The speed of the cassette tape is much slower than that of a reel deck, so the wow and flutter become much more of a problem. After much research, Tim found a solution that works very well. Now, the typically lo-fi analog tape sound of cassette can be faithfully recreated with Nebula, and used as an effect. In some cases the results aren’t quite so lo-fi, and will surprise people. He also tries to push the Nebula aspect of his effects, and utilize the technology in new ways.

Examples include: distorted reverb, distorted tube radio compressor programs.

Tim tries to find and create effects that are useful, but uncommon.

Sonic spelunking.


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